Museum of History and Art

Museum of History and Art

Kiyoshikôjin Seichô-ji Museum of History and Art opened in November 2008 after many years of planning by the 39th Head Priest Kôken, who inherited and carried out the dream and dying wishes of his predecessors the 37th Head Priest Kôjô and the 38th Head Priest Kôsô. Enclosed in a tranquil environment with natural verdure and a reflective garden pond, this one-story structure with hipped roof is situated on the site of the former temple, which represents the original form of Kiyoshikôjin Seichô-ji and its over 1100-year-old history. Here, in this historic and sacred place, the temple’s many treasures and collections will be exhibited together with explanations of its history, beliefs, and events. This venue will also be used to introduce the idea that inner peace can be achieved through religion and art based on the Buddhist teachings of the Three Treasures and Three Virtuous Acts and to spread the belief of our deity Kôjin.

Special care was given to making this museum into a relaxing place for both mind and body. The selection of materials such as the tiles for the roof and the glass louvers, the consideration that went into the scale and construction of the building, and the attention given to temperature control and illumination in exhibiting and preserving the works as well as to in details such as the entrance water panels and the lawn in the front–all contribute in creating the museum’s peaceful ambience. It is our hope to continue to embody the founding purpose of our mission and to offer inner peace and tranquility through faith and art.

Opening Hours

We have been closed temporarily since 6th May 2021.