Tessai Museum

Seikô-den (Tessai Museum)

Following the path which passes the right side of the statue of Ichigan Jizô-son, walking through the corridor, and climbing up the slope to the top, visitors find a white concrete one-story building with a step. It is the Seikô-den museum which houses all artworks by Tessai Tomioka(1836-1924). A tablet at the main entrance, which reads “Seikô-den” and the entrance plate, saying “Tessai Museum” were written by a master calligrapher, Shiryû Morita. Rocks collected from several scenic places such as Kibune, Kurama, Tenryû-kyô, and Iyo, which are noted in connection with Tessai, are placed in the front garden. The ceiling of the exhibition rooms are boarded with excellent hinoki cypress wood from Bishû (Aichi prefecture) and the floors are boarded with high quality keyaki zelvoka wood, tochinoki Japanese horse chestnut wood, cherry wood, and others. Some part of the walls is coated with polished slabs and other part is coated with Nishijin silk fabric with woven design of Tessai’s seal. About 1200 art works by Tessai are kept in this building. Exhibitions of his works from the temple collection are held several times a year to show his masterpieces to the public.

Now closing

Tessai Museum is closing now because of organizing exhibits.

You can continue to enjoy the exhibition in the annex “Museum of History and Art”.

Museum of History and Art




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